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Up to dance with Eskil Persson's trio  (796).
Oil on canvas
73 x 109 cm

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Imagination komposition inspired by;

Eskil Persson   Piano

Magnus Ekman   Guitar


Magnus Ekman is a classical guitarist, choir leader and actor. He leads several choirs in Gothenburg, including "Voice room" and "Celin choir" (Centrum-Linné). Many recognize him as the choir leader for "Rabalder" who sings in the spring at Näckrosdammen every year.

His interest in choral singing was aroused during his years of study at the Academy of Music, where he was part of the student nation "Vädals Nation" (Värmland and Dalsland). After their studies, many wanted to continue singing and there was a lot of choir singing over the years. Choral singing is still a large and important part of his musical work.

He also works as a musician with all that entails of concerts and studio recordings, but also with easy sets, e.g. "Cuffs & Couplets" together with Eskil Persson. He has been active in the pop scene, playing blues, writing and arranging for other music groups and working as a studio musician.

When he is not singing and playing the guitar, he is an actor in the group "Pellerin" which gives performances in preschools and libraries. It is a challenge he likes, the role of actor and musician flows together and the result is professional in a playful way.


Michaela Peterson och Magnus Ekman ‹ Konstepidemin

Artist, musician, esteemed choir leader, receives the 2018 Lasse Dahlquist scholarship


Magnus is deeply rooted in Gothenburg's music life and has a special relationship with Brännö, loved by hundreds of singers in various choirs for his committed choir leader style and the nice arrangements where we find several of Lasse Dahlquist's songs. In addition to driving, Magnus is active as a singer and composer and has written music for children's theater projects of various kinds

Magnus Ekman received the prize check, flowers and songbooks during Gothenburg's Kulturkalas 2018.

Lasse Dahlquist The scholarship aims to promote and spread interest in Lasse Dahlquist and his music as well as in the Swedish song. The prize money has been awarded every year since 1989. The first prize winner was Kent Andersson.



Kina Nyman   Song



Noticed emotions  (795).
Oil on canvas
118 x 82 cm

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Violin girl's dance (794).
Oil on canvas
65 x 109 cm

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